Tubus Seesaw

The Tubus seesaw is based on the production technique of the Tubus table. In this object a flattened steel tube is being used as well. By clever use of this technique, all functions of the seesaw can be derived from this. The technique creates the functional aspects that make the tube into a seesaw: the flattened parts ensure the space needed to create the rotation point, enabling the seesaw to go up and down. The flattened parts on each end of the tube form the seats and the attachment for the handles. The seesaw is made from steel with a weather resistant coating. 

Materials:         steel
Dimensions:     375 x 60 x 130 cm
Colors:             blue and gold (all RAL-colors posible, on request)

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Seesaw 1
Seesaw 2
Seesaw 3


Tubus seesaw

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