Studio Roex


STUDIO ROEX is the team Nic Roex and Jeske Kapitein. Nic founded the studio in 2010 after graduating in Furniture Design in 2009 at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK). During his studies he did an internship at Piet Hein Eek in 2008. His designs confront the viewer with familiar and established processes, elements, shapes and techniques, in a transparent manner. Nic wants to increase people’s awareness of what they see, heightening their ability (and desire) to understand it. Jeske joined the studio in 2013, She graduated in Communication Sciences (University Utrecht, 2005) and Cultural Sciences (University of Amsterdam, 2007) and worked as marketing and communications strategist for various premium brands. At Studio Roex she is responsible for projects and commercial activities.

Our studio is specialized in object and product design, creating products for both residential and commercial projects. Apart from our collection we also advise in interior projects and design customized products.​ Our designs are based on a basic approach towards existing shapes, materials and techniques. By placing them within a new context, the designs increase awareness of everyday objects. This approach leads to transparent and clear objects. Sharp construction and strong lines characterize the designs.
We are based in Zaandam, The Netherlands. With both Dutch as international clients, we work worldwide.