Tubus Square Table

Studio Roex toys with the identity of everyday elements and moment of recognition. This is done with the everyday object of a steel tube in the Tubus Collection. At what point is a tube still a tube and when does it become indefinable and no longer recognisable as a tube?
Applying pressure to the familiar elongated shape causes the tube to distort and slowly lose its recognisable cylindrical form. By ‘flattening’ the tubes, the distortion not only changes their appearance, but also results in flat surfaces. These serve as logical connecting points for the other surfaces (construction) and table top. In spite of the distortion, the tube retains its constructive value and ultimately creates a transparent frame.

This square variant of the Tubus table is available in all RAL colors and seats 8 persons. 


Tubus square table

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Price: € 2,750.00