Spinner low

For furniture label Lande we designed the Spinner. The Spinner is a height adjustable stool. The Spinner is based on the shape of a triangle. Ergonomics is still an important aspect though; the stool has to be comfortable to sit on. The height of the seat is therefore easy to adjust, which increases the sitting comfort.

Thanks to its industrial look, the stool is a great fit for all types of interiors, especially considering the frame is available in a range of colours. The stool can be used as a work stool or piano stool and can be used in office spaces, where the Spinner can break up the formal nature of the office environment. The Spinner is easy to pull up to a desk for a quick discussion. But the Spinner is also a handy stool in hotels, restaurants and schools. Available via Lande.eu

The fact that the stool can be adjusted in height makes it ideal for all types of rooms and target groups: young, old, formal and informal.Height adjustable base in massive steel. Available in all standard powdercoating colours. Spindle: electrolytic galvanized steel. Stud: black PA plastic.  Standard without gliders. As option possible with plastic gliders or plastic felt gliders.Seat: 18mm pinewood multiplex stained. If no standard stain colour is indicated, standard delivery in B20 (transparent lacquered).

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Spinner low adjustable stool

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Price: € 325.00